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Please practise all times tables.


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Please practise all times tables.

Times Tables

Welcome to the Year Six page. On this page you can download the weekly newsletter or click on links to websites we have used.

Year 6

World War 2 Audio/Video Clips World War 2 Facts

Important dates for your diary:


Tuesday 4th June - Trip to cricket World Cup match


Thursday 13 June - Trip to Cardiff Museum


Monday 1st July -

Transition Day to Llantwit Major School and Evening Concert (6 p.m.)


Thursday 4th July -

'The Art Gallery' Showcase (1:45pm - 3:15pm)


Tuesday 16th July -

Leaver's Concert (1:30 pm)


Wednesday 17 July -

Leaver's Concert (4:30 pm)


Friday 19th July -

Last day of Primary School!

More World War 2 Facts



Remember spelling words are given out on a Monday and will be tested the following Monday.


(Please ask your teacher for your new list of words if you are away.)

Useful information:


Remember to bring your reading books and P.E./Games kits in on Mondays please!


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Welsh Phrase of the Week:


'Wyt ti'n gallu....?'                                           ('Are you able to .....?')

'Ydw, dw i'n gallu ... ond mae'n well 'da fi .....'         ('Yes, I can .... but I prefer .....')

'Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn gallu ... ond dw i'n gallu ....' ('No I can't ... but I can .......')

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